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This guide offers deeper coverage of the main projects being built on the Serum ecosystem.


Aurory is an upcoming gaming platform based on the play-to-earn mechanism. Developed by passionate game developers from France and Canada, Aurory aims to let newcomers discover cryptocurrencies in a fun and educational way.
There are multiple game modes planned for Android and iOS. The solo game mode is a J-RPG inspired side scroller where the player fulfills quests, interacts with NPCs, and defeats opponents to advance the plot. Every creature defeated will be earned as an NFT in players’ wallets. These NFTs cards will be the core of Aurory’s multiplayer modes and will allow players to compete against other players or to gain additional items. Completing quests also allow players to gain tokens for multiplayer game modes or to buy items in the marketplace.
Aurory will use an SPL token as a core of its gaming ecosystem. Using Serum for the marketplace allows for blazingly quick transactions, very low fees, and a performant in-game economy where players can trade their items in exchange for tokens or buy items to compete in the multiplayer mode in the most fair way possible.
Aurory Project – Medium


Bonfida is the flagship Serum GUI and full product suite bridging the gap between Serum, Solana, and the user through its highly intuitive trading interface, Solana data analytics, and sophisticated ancillary features.
On top of offering a user-friendly DEX UI, Bonfida features advanced on-chain order types, exclusive markets, and listings, and two trading modes for users of different experience.
Bonfida also developed Bonfida Bots, which allow people to automate their trading strategies on Serum as well as copy trading. These bots also have the capacity to plug into TradingView natively so any TradingView strategy can be automated on Serum out of the box. In the first month of launch, the bots executed over 240k trades with an average of 8k trades daily. This is a monumental feat as it clearly indicates that it is being adopted by the community.
The $FIDA utility token ties everything together: holding and staking $FIDA grants fee discounts, governance powers, and access to special Solible markets and features.


COPE is a project that has two phases. In Phase one, trader performance will be evaluated retrospectively based on their calls on crypto markets; call makers will be categorized into a leaderboard which provides a narrative informing a new type of investment product based on top trader calls. Phase two involves an automated investment product that users can permission to trade on their behalf based on this leaderboard.
There are three core products on the horizon: COPE Leaderboard, COPE Index, and COPE Trading Pools. These products will use the Solana blockchain and integrate with its ecosystem. The COPE Leaderboard allows COPE to catalogue and understand the skills of the most effective investment minds in the community. The COPE Index allows the Community to harness and invest in those minds. The COPE Trading Pools will allow Community members to select call makers with the most effective performance.


Dexlab makes launching on Solana easy with a token minting lab, 🔌REST API, a launchpad and a dedicated DEX for all listings.
It is an integrated DEX platform that provides a GUI to issue Solana-based tokens without the need to code. It leverages the Serum Decentralized Exchange (DEX)'s central order book to support ultra-fast transactions, shared liquidity, and new features for monetization.
The SPL CLI is the primary method to create and manage Solana tokens. Currently, it lacks the linkage to be able to manage environment settings, token sales, market listings, and token information. With Dexlab's GUI, one will be able to manage these settings and be able to do everything from token issuance to adjusting utility settings, etc.

Jet Protocol

Jet Protocol is a borrowing and lending protocol built on the Solana blockchain. Jet’s core lending function will build on the token-lending program found in the Solana Program Library repository as well as the applicable cross-margin pull request for the initial mainnet launch. Users can also look forward to Jet Protocol’s innovative interest bearing products which will be used to create markets on Serum DEX.
Beginning with the launch of the cross-margined lending protocol, extendable via APIs will be provided to traders, market-makers, and liquidity providers. Upcoming features include liquidity mining, innovative liquidation mechanisms, interest-bearing tokens, and cross-chain modules for equalization of interest rates.
The Jet Protocol will provide Solana market participants a place to borrow against their assets and manage their debt positions. This functionality paves exploration for leveraged borrowing automated position management and liquidity provisioning for senior and junior debt positions.
Jet Protocol

Mango Markets

Mango Markets intends to merge the liquidity and usability of CeFi with the permissionless innovation of DeFi at a lower cost to the end user than both currently provide. Towards this goal, Mango is building margin trading/lending and perpetual futures along with decentralized governance to decide the future evolution. Mango’s permissionless ecosystem encourages spectacular, unpredictable innovations.
Mango harnesses the power of Solana as well as Serum’s CLOB. Mango Markets is currently in public beta offering up to 5x leverage margin trading on BTC and ETH with more token pairs arriving soon.
Mango Markets is the leading offline mapping and navigation app with 9 years of history and over 140M registered users globally. 2.0 will provide a new, immersive online and offline mapping and booking experience with DeFi-powered financial services to its massive userbase.
MAPS.ME (MapsWithMe), detailed offline maps of the world for iPhone, iPad, Android

Media Network

Media Network is a privacy-first and community-governed content delivery network (CDN) that bypasses traditional CDN providers’ centralized approach for a self-governed and open source solution where everyone can participate.
Media Network creates a distributed bandwidth market that enables service providers such as media platforms to hire resources from the network and dynamically come and go as the demand for last-mile data delivery shifts. Media Network allows anyone to organically set up new Media Edges and serve content without introducing any trust assumptions or pre-authentication requirements. Participants earn MEDIA rewards for their bandwidth contributions, a fixed supply SPL token minted on Solana’s Blockchain.
Media Network | A peer-to-peer content delivery network


OpenEra is a PvP, PvE fantasy MMORPG inspired by the likes of RuneScape. It takes place in a fantasy world with variant timelines. The opportunity to travel throughout these timelines will be given to players, and opted into, via community governance. Each timeline has different monsters, resources, updates to in-game economic models, and quests to challenge players.
OpenEra aims to introduce a unique player driven economy where in-game money markets can be bridged with off-game markets. For example, non-gamers can speculate on the future prospects of the in-game economy which is affected by the players and verifiably random factors within the game. OpenEra leverages Serum to create these in-game money markets where instruments such as local currency, or synthetic in-game financial instruments can be traded. Similarly, it is leveraged as the underlying protocol for in-game commodity trading houses. Outside of OpenEra, Serum will be leveraged by OpenEra’s money market protocols that are focused on lending and derivatives markets.


Oxygen is a DeFi prime brokerage service built on Solana and powered by Serum’s on-chain infrastructure. Built to support hundreds of millions of users, it serves as a permissionless, cheap, and scalable protocol that democratizes borrowing, lending, and trading with leverage and allows users to make the most of their capital. Oxygen aims to recreate the business units traditionally found within investment banks and to make them accessible to retail and institutional users.
With Oxygen, users can earn yield, borrow from peers, trade directly out of your pools, and get trading leverage against a portfolio of assets. Oxygen provides a more efficient way to manage capital and is unique from other borrow lending protocols through features like multiple uses of the same collateral, cross-collateralization, and market-based (order-book based) pricing.
One interesting integration in progress is Oxygen’s composing as the financial backend for the DeFi yield generation function in users will interact with an intuitive UX to enjoy their wallets earning them yield. In the background, Oxygen will match borrowers to the requested liquidity through Serum DEX. The provision of this valuable service to users in turn provides liquidity for Oxygen from the lending-side.


PsyOptions is an options protocol that utilizes Solana’s speed and throughput to bring a TradFi feel to DeFi. Options minted via the protocol are represented as SPL tokens to allow composability such as trading options on Serum order books. The protocol is responsible for the minting, clearing, and settling of options, and is completely decentralized.
Users will be able to write and trade options from the PsyOptions website, which integrates with Serum directly. Users will eventually be able to create and manage complex/multi-legged strategies through the dashboard. Mature options infrastructure is severely lacking in DeFi and PsyOptions aims to fill that void.
PsyOptions | Solana


Raydium is an on-chain orderbook AMM built on Solana and leveraging Serum DEX’s central limit order book for fast trades, shared liquidity, and features for earning yield.
Unlike other AMM platforms, Raydium provides on-chain liquidity to Serum’s central limit order book, meaning that Raydium’s users and liquidity pools have access to the order flow and liquidity of the entire Serum ecosystem, and vice versa.
Raydium also offers single and fusion (dual) reward farming pools to drive ecosystem-wide liquidity and enable projects to grow. Raydium’s initial Fusion pools will be the first to offer dual yield rewards for liquidity providers and stakers. Users receive farming rewards in both $RAY, as well as the project token for the pool they are staking.
Raydium’s AcceleRaytor launchpad allows new Solana projects to raise capital and drive initial liquidity in a decentralized and interoperable manner, while enabling both project and Raydium communities to participate in carefully curated and vetted token offerings.

Serum Tax Time

The SerumTaxTime team built a tool to automatically sift through a user’s Serum DEX trades and present them via clear data analytics to determine tax payments.
SerumTaxTime | Solana

Solrise Finance

Solrise Finance is a decentralized fund management and investment protocol built on Solana and Serum. Solrise allows users to create and enter decentralized funds with under $20, reducing the barrier-to-entry to nearly 0, and is completely non-custodial — which means fund investors know their funds are secure.
Solrise is building on top of Serum’s SWAP and DEX architecture, with fund managers able to access both platforms with invested funds. Solrise intends to provide fund managers with access to all of the tools and DeFi protocols they need to compete on the cutting edge and get the highest possible returns.
Solrise Finance

Star Atlas

Star Atlas is an immense metaverse with a space exploration and territorial conquest MMO game built on Solana. By combining blockchain mechanics, state-of-the-art graphics, and the latest in 3D technology, Star Atlas is carving out the future of the gaming industry by redefining how virtual items are traded and what they’re worth both in and out of the metaverse.
Star Atlas uses the Serum DEX for trading all game assets. When a user views their inventory in the Star Atlas UI, they can see all the Official Star Atlas NFTs that they own. When they click to view the details of an item, they will also see the best ask and bid prices on the Serum Market Order Book for that specific item, allowing them to place orders for it. There will be many thousands of in-game items, and to make that efficient, we aim to have one Serum Market per NFT, pairing them with the primary currency of the Star Atlas metaverse, the ATLAS token, and a convenient UI to trade other currencies into ATLAS directly through the same interface.
Star Atlas
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