How to Create a Proposal

📝 How to Create a Proposal


There will naturally be some forum topics that evolve into new proposals on the DAO platform for voting (

You can read the Governance Rules and Guidelines here. The expectations for transforming forum topics into proposals are explained there.

To start, please access the DAO GUI here.

Currently, the minimum amount of SRM you need to hold to create a new DAO proposal for voting is 25K SRM.

This amount is configurable via voting. The SRM is not spent upon creating a new proposal.

Select the governance you wish to participate in under the relevant realm.

A governance is an address governed by the DAO (e.g. a token account or program upgrade authority).

A realm is an instance of a DAO.

Add a New Proposal

Click on “Add new proposal” to get started.

Next, you will need to deposit the tokens into the program using the "Deposit Governance Tokens" button.

Note: You can withdraw the SRM immediately after creating the proposal.

If you do not place tokens into the program first, you will not be able to add a new proposal.

Next, you will need to specify the voters for your proposal.

For example, you can specify that your proposal is to be voted by the Community Token Holders.

Populating the Proposal

To populate the description with text, you can use a Github gist.

You can read the “creating a gist” section of this guide to learn more.

A gist is basically just a little webpage that displays the text. Once you create it, you can paste the link into the DAO UI and the UI will auto-populate with the content.

Adding Instructions to the Proposal

Now, you need to enter instructions, or instruction data associated with the proposal. When you create the proposal, there should be an instruction page.

Click the + button on the bottom right next to the "instruction" box to add instruction fields.

You would need to replace the numbers above with your own, of course.

Under “spl-token transfer”, you do not need to add any instructions.

Select “set-governance-coding” and change the parameters you want.

The yes vote threshold cannot be smaller than 1%. (This is configurable via voting of course!).

Changing the parameters here does not update these parameters across the DAO. These fields represent the proposal to update the DAO accordingly.

For example, if one wanted to change the maximum voting time to X days, they can input X into the relevant field and leave the rest unchanged.

In accordance with the DAO’s Rules and Guidelines, you must propose what your corresponding forum post says.

Ship Proposal

It’s now time to ship your proposal.

When you click Sign Off, the proposal will be out there for people to vote on. There is also a button to add signatories.

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