Managing your Wallet

This guide explains how to manage your wallet.

Importing Wallets

Any Solana wallet seed phrase can be imported into

Be sure to keep your seed phrase secure and always check the URL when importing your private key.

If you already have a Solana wallet open and want to connect a second wallet, try using a private browser window.

Derivable Accounts

It is possible to have multiple token addresses within the same wallet on Solana. When importing your private key between different types of wallets, it is possible that some apps create different addresses within your wallet.

You can choose to access these different accounts when importing your wallet. Simply select from the Derivable Account drop down menu.


If you would like to consolidate the token balances you own across the different accounts in your wallet, you can use the "Merge" function.

Note: Some apps you are using with the wallet may depend on the existing token accounts you currently have set up in your wallet.

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