How to Vote

🗳️How to Vote

Go to the DAO Page

First, go to and click on the Serum Realm.

Connect your Wallet

On the top right corner of the page you can select and connect your wallet of your preference.

Deposit your Tokens

Once you are connected, you will see a ‘Deposit Governance Tokens’ button. Click it and select "Deposit" when prompted. A transaction will appear asking for all SRM tokens on your account. Approve the transaction.

You cannot decide the amount of SRM tokens to deposit.

Once approved, you will be shown a "Tokens have been deposited" message and you will see the total amount of tokens deposited. A new button to "Withdraw Governance Tokens" will appear.

Choose the Proposal

Click on the 59Y8FAtjWKHU3HSsESFNnptNyq1NeYBajT9oZCGKCewa Governance. Current proposal parameters will appear at the top. You will see a list of proposals, current ones will have a “Voting” tag. Click on a proposal you wish to vote on or view.

Vote on the Proposal

A proposal page appears containing relative voting stats. If the voting is in session, you will see a timer on the bottom right with the time left, and a "Yeah" and "Nay" buttons on the top right. To vote just click on your desired vote and approve the transaction.

And done! You have voted on the proposal. Your tokens are temporarily in the governance system.

You can withdraw your tokens at any moment, but if the vote is still in process, you will also withdraw your vote. After the timer runs out, you can withdraw your tokens without affecting the vote.

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