Changes to Staking

FAQ on the upcoming changes to staking

Beginning 5th October 2021, fees will no longer be dropped weekly, but will go directly to buy and burn until the DAO is ready to vote on fee distribution.

Why is this happening?

As Serum evolves into a DAO, part of the decentralization process entails adjustments to how incentives work. There will be important changes that will make decentralised governance possible for Serum.

Why is Serum moving to a DAO?

Serum is preparing to meet the demands of a bigger and more diverse group of users. Decentralised governance is an important step that will create a framework for the community to have their say.

What do I do with my staked tokens?

You have until 5th October 2021 to remove your staked tokens from

When will the final staking reward be provided?

The final staking reward will be provided during the week beginning 4th October 2021. You may keep your funds staked until the 5th of October but will not receive any further rewards after this final staking reward.

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