Host a GUI

This guide offers instructions on how to create and host your own GUI on Serum.

How do you Host a DEX GUI?

Want to help support the Serum ecosystem? Host a GUI and get a fraction of the fees!

Anyone can trade on any of the DEX markets, as they are not permissioned:

In the spirit of DeFi, users are invited to compose with, it, and host their own GUIs.

Serum GUI

You will find the official repository of Serum DEX UI here:

This repository provides everything you need to start your own Serum GUI.

Once you have forked the repository, you can run a local environment by running:

yarn start


The Serum DEX UI uses React and Ant Design UI library. To learn how to customize it, refer to their official guide.

Collecting Fees

Serum allows you to collect 20% of the fees for the orders made on your GUI. In order to collect the fees, you need to modify the .env file that looks like this:


To collect fees enter your USDT SPL and USD SPL addresses, for example:


Setting your own Domain Name

The package.json file contains a field called homepage, change it to your name domain.


There are different solutions to host your GUI. You can host it for free on Github Pages or host it on your own server.

Github Pages

This is the easiest way of hosting and deploying a GUI, you simply have to use the following command to deploy your GUI

yarn deploy

The GUI will then be hosted on the gh-pages branch of your Github repository.

Hosting on your own Server

Alternatively, you can host your GUI on your own server and use Nginx for instance to serve it. To create the production build run:

yarn build

The build will be created in the build folder of the working directory.

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