Build on Serum
This guide gives an overview on how builders can get involved and build on the Serum ecosystem.

πŸ—οΈ How Can We Get Involved?

These guide pages will direct you to developer resources, popular ideas, and tutorials building in the Serum and Solana ecosystems.

βš—οΈ Serum

⭐ Popular Resources

Serum Core (Asset Agnostic Order Book)


Framework for Solana's Sealevel runtime providing several convenient developer tools.
GitHub - project-serum/anchor: βš“ Solana Sealevel Framework

Swap Program

An educational resource and starting point for people who want to write Solana programs to compose with Serum DEX.
  • Example on-chain program interacting with the DEX.
  • The Swap Program here is not an AMM. The Program is built directly on the Serum orderbook.
GitHub - project-serum/swap-ui: React Component for Swapping on the Serum DEX

Host a GUI

Host your own state-of-the-art GUI and earn a portion of the fees!
  • An implementation of a UI for the Serum DEX.
  • If you are hosting a public UI using this codebase, you can collect referral fees when your users trade through your site.
GitHub - project-serum/serum-dex-ui: Example implementation of a UI for the Serum DEX

Permissioned Markets

A permissioned market is a regular Serum market with an additional open orders authority, which must sign every transaction to create an open orders account.
GitHub - project-serum/permissioned-markets-quickstart: Quickstart repo for creating a permissioned market proxy on the Serum DEX

πŸ“Œ Pinned Repositories

Project Serum

Client Code

serum-ts/packages/serum at master Β· project-serum/serum-ts

On-chain Code

serum-dex/dex at master Β· project-serum/serum-dex

Starter Repo

Serum quick start repo to setup a local on-chain integration:
  • For those who want to build programs that compose with the DEX
  • Contains boilerplates for setting up a populated Serum market for local development
GitHub - armaniferrante/serum-quickstart

SOL Wallet Adapter

Library to allow Solana dApps to user third party wallets to sign transactions:
GitHub - project-serum/sol-wallet-adapter

🌟 What Makes a Great Project?

Usefulness: What do users want? The links above ("How can we contribute?") offer popular ideas users have asked for.
Well-built: Efficacy, intuitiveness, security, and reliability are some of the tell-tale traits of a good project. Check out the list of popularly requested for projects on Serum for reference.
Users: Your userbase will make or break your project, whether it's through word-of-mouth, marketing, partnerships, or other customer acquisition methods.
Building on Serum’s Vision