Build on Serum

This guide gives an overview on how builders can get involved and build on the Serum ecosystem.

🏗️ How Can We Get Involved?

These guide pages will direct you to developer resources, popular ideas, and tutorials building in the Serum and Solana ecosystems.

⚗️ Serum

Serum Core (Asset Agnostic Order Book)


Framework for Solana's Sealevel runtime providing several convenient developer tools.

Swap Program

An educational resource and starting point for people who want to write Solana programs to compose with Serum DEX.
  • Example on-chain program interacting with the DEX.
  • The Swap Program here is not an AMM. The Program is built directly on the Serum orderbook.

Host a GUI

Host your own state-of-the-art GUI and earn a portion of the fees!
  • An implementation of a UI for the Serum DEX.
  • If you are hosting a public UI using this codebase, you can collect referral fees when your users trade through your site.

Permissioned Markets

A permissioned market is a regular Serum market with an additional open orders authority, which must sign every transaction to create an open orders account.

📌 Pinned Repositories

Client Code

On-chain Code

Starter Repo

Serum quick start repo to setup a local on-chain integration:
  • For those who want to build programs that compose with the DEX
  • Contains boilerplates for setting up a populated Serum market for local development

SOL Wallet Adapter

Library to allow Solana dApps to user third party wallets to sign transactions:

🌟 What Makes a Great Project?

Usefulness: What do users want? The links above ("How can we contribute?") offer popular ideas users have asked for.
Well-built: Efficacy, intuitiveness, security, and reliability are some of the tell-tale traits of a good project. Check out the list of popularly requested for projects on Serum for reference.
Users: Your userbase will make or break your project, whether it's through word-of-mouth, marketing, partnerships, or other customer acquisition methods.