Node List

This guide offers a comprehensive list of Serum nodes and a point of contact for prospective nodes.

If you want your (prospective) node to be listed here, please email:

Node List

3Commas & Smile Research

3Commas is the leading bot trading platform exploring new opportunities in algo trading and market making together with Smile Research.

Age Network

AGE Network will support Serum from launch and currently runs a top Solana validator.

AKG Ventures

AKG Venture is a self-operated primary/secondary investment hedge fund. The primary fund is involved in innovative finance (cryptocurrency, etc.). The secondary funds are mainly derivatives hedge funds.


Easy to validate




Blocto is a smart contract wallet with seamless user experience. Stake SRM with us to get more reward.


AscendEX (formerly is a global digital asset trading platform driven by product innovation.

Capsule Mining


Certus One is a staking provider and leading Solana contributor. We have helped identify over 20 critical bugs in Solana and are the developers of the Wormhole bridge. Support our work by staking.

Chainode Tech

Founded in early 2019, Chainode Tech is a young, extremely motivated and experienced team based in Zug, Switzerland, that is focused on providing staking and validator services on cutting edge Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) protocols. Driven by the motivation to bring decentralization in the real world and with the experience of getting to know the blockchain space since 2014, we actively joined the ecosystem as Chainode Tech in order to vote with our knowledge and services projects that we believe in and see as technically pertinent of growing the decentralized space.


Jacked in to the netnavi, slashing viruses and adversaries with the mega buster, collecting battle chips and sweet serum.

Dokia Capital

Dokia Capital is one of the most reputable professional validators. We operate an enterprise-grade infrastructure, fit for institutional staking, and ensure the security and stability of the networks that we join. We’re very careful and deliberate about the projects that we support because our commitment to their success goes past the responsibilities of a validator.


ecoSerum brings active investors, traders and developers together to build the Serum ecosystem. Our stakers are active SRM holders committed to seeing Project Serum flourish, supporting the development of UX focused tools and applications.


FTX is a cryptocurrency exchange that allows you to stake directly from your FTX account.

Kyros Ventures

Stake with Kyros Staking, Vietnam's first and largest Serum Node in partnership with the Coin98 Wallet.

Genesis Block

Genesis Block is a leading Over The Counter (OTC) trading center for digital assets.

P2P Validator

P2P Validator is a non-custodial staking provider with a proven expertise trusted by over 2000 clients with over $200M of digital-assets under management. As an early Solana investor, we have been involved in all stages of network testing since the first launch and are currently operating secure Solana validator.

QCP Soteria



SOL validator, DEX lover, security, p2p, ethereum, crypto, chess, tennis :) Luv u if u luv me



Serum Capital

Fast, reliable and efficient supernode.

Serum Pool

Serum Stakers

View your SRM wallet, node information, yield analysis, valuation displays, your liquidity profile, new node program and the S18 Rewards Program.

Staking Facilities

Staking Facilities is a staking-as-a-service company with currently six full-time employees. We are early Solana investors, supporters, and builders of We run market-making operations for Solana and are thrilled to move those over to Serum. Staking with us means supporting our holistic efforts to bootstrap the Solana/Serum ecosystem.

Ubik Capital

Ubik Capital is providing highly resilient and secure staking service for different blockchain projects.

SPL Address:



In a world of machines... What is the role of humans


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