Avoiding Scams

This is a guide on avoiding scams, which are commonplace in the crypto space.

How can I identify a scam?

Scammers impersonate admins on Telegram, Discord, and other social media applications to gain your trust and persuade you to hand over your wallet credentials or enter a phishing site.

Admins will never message you first!

If someone claiming to be an admin messages you first on Telegram, Discord, or our other social media channels, block and report that account.

Common scammer strategies

Scammers will impersonate admins by copying their profile picture and creating a username/handle that is similar to the admin they are impersonating.

If you are ever unsure, check the list of admins on the channel's pinned post and contact a real admin from there.

Scammers also pretend to be official "help desks" or "technical support teams". These scammers often message new users joining Telegram groups or Discord servers. They may also target users asking for help.

Do not be fooled by Unicode symbols (like ✪): such symbols do not mean anything.

Common (fake) usernames include:

  • Admin username

  • Technical Support

  • Technical Support Desk

  • Help | Support

  • Support Team

  • Community Manager

  • Community Hotline

  • Tech Support Representative

  • Server | Operator


  • Team | Support

  • Mediator

If you are offered an unheard of deal or an opportunity that sounds too good to be true, it is most likely a scam!

Do not click on any links you think are suspicious! Some scammers send victims to a link where they are offered to connect their wallet. Connecting your wallet will result in your tokens being stolen.

What should I do if I receive a scam?

If you are contacted by a scammer on Telegram, block and report their account.

Scammers on Telegram can also be reported to:

Scammers and other trust / safety issues on Discord can be reported to:

Phishing websites can be reported to Google on their Report Phishing Page:

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