Trading GUIs

Interact with Serum via Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs).

Anyone can set up their own state-of-the-art Serum-based DEX GUI or embed the Serum Swapper into their UI.

Each trading interface that interacts with Serum is free to customize their user experience and restrictions to comply with the regulations of their target market.

The dApps below are not vetted by Project Serum. Use at your own risk.

Do you believe your Serum-based DEX GUI or Swap GUI should be listed below? Please reach out.

Serum Portal

💱 Swap GUIs

🛠️ Other Integrations

⚠️ Important Notes

Some previously known DEX GUIs have not migrated to the Serum V3 markets (launched March 2021). They are removed from this list.

Do NOT interact with DEX GUIs listing the old Serum DEX V2 markets! Users are encouraged to reach out to these GUI teams and inform them of the migration to Serum DEX V3.

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