Listing and Adding Markets

This guide shows how you can add a new market on Serum.

Listing and Adding Custom Markets

Anyone can now list SPL tokens or Wrapped ERC20 Tokens on Serum.

List New Market

This will create a new market and will require SOL to do it, if you want to add a market to a GUI that hasn't listed it you need to Add Custom Market

This will create a new market for a pair of tokens. Anyone can list any SPL or (wrapper on) ERC20 token on Serum.

  • Base Token Mint Address: The base token is the token being traded. For example, the base token of a BTC/USDT market is BTC.

  • Quote Token Mint Address: The quote token is the token used to price trades. For example, the quote token of a BTC/USDT market is USDT.

  • Minimum Order Size: Smallest allowed order size. For a BTC/USDT market, this would be in units of BTC, a.k.a. the Lot size.

  • Tick Size: Smallest amount by which prices can move. For a BTC/USDT market, this would be in units of USDT, a.k.a. the price increment.

Creating a market should cost around 4 SOL. At the moment there is no way to close the market and recover the funds, make absolutely sure you want to create a market.

  1. Obtain your SPL tokens; you can convert them between ERC20 and SPL via Wormhole or Sollet Bridge.

  2. Enter the desired parameters and submit. Check your wallet for messages

  3. Copy the New market address

The Nodes are handling the details (including cranking). You will only have to bring your own liquidity.

The Token Address or Mint Address is the contract address of a token i.e. the token identifier. Do not send tokens to this address. You can look for the mint addresses on your wallet or an explorer.

Your market won't automatically appear on GUIs that are not listed, you must add it as a Custom Market first.

Add Custom Market

Direct links to the market won't work if it hasn't been listed officially by the GUI, if you want to use it you must

  • Click the + button on the homepage of the DEX, normally next to the trading pair

  • Enter the New Market Address (Market ID)

  • Choose the market Label and Base Label of the token

  • Click Add

Warning: unknown token is the expected message when you enter the market ID, Do not use if it mentions being a deprecated market.

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