Wormhole Token Bridge

Step by step guide to bridge tokens from other networks to Solana.

Transferring assets between Ethereum and Solana

Wormhole Token Bridge follow these simplified steps:

  • 1: Select the source of the tokens

  • 2: Select the recipient chain for the tokens

  • 3: Send the tokens to the bridge

  • 4: Retrieve the tokens on the recipient network

In this example we will show step by step the bridging from both sides, ETH -> SOL and SOL -> ETH.

You will need both a Metamask Wallet with enough ETH and a Solana Wallet with enough SOL to pay for the transaction fees Make sure Metamask is connected to the intended network.

Transferring Assets from Solana to ETH

Step 1: Go to https://wormholebridge.com/#/transfer

Step 2: Select Solana as the source network and connect a wallet

Step 3: Choose the token account from the drop down list and the amount to send:

You will be able to choose between the funds in your wallet from the drop down menu. For this example 5 SOL will be bridged.

Step 4: Select the recipient chain and connect your Metamask Wallet.

You will be alerted if you have low ETH balance

Step 5: Send the tokens to the Wormhole Token Bridge

Step 6: Redeem your tokens

Once the transaction has been completed you will be able to redeem your tokens on your Metamask.

And done! you have successfully used the Wormhole Token Bridge. You can see the successful transaction on Etherscan.

Transferring Assets from ETH to Solana

Step 2: Select ETH as the source and connect your metamask

For this example 5 wrapped SOL will be bridged.

Step 3: Select Solana as the recipient and connect your SOL wallet

Step 4: Send the tokens to the Wormhole Token Bridge You have the choice to approve the exact amount of tokens or to approve an unlimited amount to not have to do it again whenever you bridge that token. It's recommended for people that intend to use the bridge for that token frequently.

For this example unlimited tokens will be approved

Once you have approved the Bridge to use your Metamask tokens you can transfer and approve the transaction

Wait for the confirmations on Ethereum

Step 5: Redeem tokens As the tokens were wrapped you will have the option to unwrap it to the native currency

Once the transaction is confirmed you will receive your tokens

And done! you have successfully used the Wormhole Token Bridge. You can view the successful transaction on the Solana Explorer

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