This guide gives a comprehensive overview of Project Serum and what the Serum DEX sets out to achieve.

Serum DEX

The Serum DEX is a fully trust-less, fully decentralized exchange supporting full limit orderbooks and blazing fast order placement, cancellation, and fund management. Serum DEX's goal is to bring the speed and convenience of centralized exchanges to DeFi while remaining fully trustless and transparent.

The initial wave of DeFi projects admitted of slow and expensive transactions and trade-offs in decentralization, often at the oracle level. Serum is pure DeFi without such trade-offs. Serum DEX is built on Solana blockchain, allowing for a fast, costless trading experience on par with CEXes.

Serum DEX is a high-throughput low-latency exchange that has a fully on-chain orderbook and matching engine. Serum also offers bridging with Ethereum via Wormhole as well as true decentralization.

What Serum Offers

  • Serum Token (SRM)

    • SRM is the utility and governance token of the Serum ecosystem

    • SRM will be fully integrated into Serum and benefit from buy/burn of fees

  • Orderbook

    • A decentralized automated full limit orderbook gives traders full control over their orders, unlike with AMM's

    • Orderbook and matching is fully automated on-chain and orders are from Serum end users

  • Solana Speeds and Costs

    • Solana allows for sub-second trading and settlement on top of ultra-low transaction costs of $0.00001 per transaction

  • Cross-Chain Bridging

    • Wormhole is a cross-chain, trustless bridge that allows users to turn ERC20 tokens into SPL tokens

    • This bridging lets users take advantage of Solana's speeds and cost and settle back to the Ethereum network


Project Serum is built by the Serum Foundation, a group of experts in cryptocurrencies, trading, and decentralized finance.

It is up to you, the crypto community, to use it as you will.