Getting Involved

This guide gives an overview on how builders can get involved and build on the Serum ecosystem.

How Can We Get Involved?

These guide pages will direct you to developer resources, popular ideas, and tutorials building in the Serum and Solana ecosystems.

Ultimate Vision

The Ultimate Vision behind Serum is to drive the global mass adoption of DeFi. One conceptualization of this goal includes the milestones of reaching 1 billion users and $10T of on-chain value.

What Makes a Great Project?

Usefulness: What do users want? The links above ("How can we contribute?") offer popular ideas users have asked for.

Well-built: Efficacy, intuitiveness, security, and reliability are some of the tell-tale traits of a good project. Check out the list of popularly requested for projects on Serum for reference.

Users: Your userbase will make or break your project, whether it's through word-of-mouth, marketing, partnerships, or other customer acquisition methods.