EcoSerum Grants
This guide explains how builders can apply for and use EcoSerum's grant resources.

🌱 EcoSerum

EcoSerum brings active investors, traders, and developers together to build the Serum ecosystem.
Serum is only as strong as its liquidity, accessibility, and community. Stakers are active SRM holders committed to Project Serum's long-term growth and supporting the development of UX focused tools and applications.

🧾 Grant Application Form

All projects built on Serum can apply for a grant by following the instructions below:
To apply for an ecoSerum grant, please send an email to [email protected] and include:
    A pitch deck outlining your product vision / roadmap, team, and demos (if any)
    Grant size request, and use of proceeds
    A short paragraph explaining how your project will compose directly with Serum
There is no guarantee that you will receive a grant. Please contact [email protected] to know whether your project idea is eligible for a grant.

📞 Contact

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