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This page lists out the most important or highly demanded project ideas and public grants posts.
Check out Awesome Serum for a curated (unofficial) list of awesome things for people looking to build on Serum.
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🔥 Newest Requests:

Run Serum Markets on Testnet or Stress Competition

It would be valuable for people to run Serum markets on testnet and stress test to break them.
Tasks to be done for this are:
    Manage DEX upgrades
    List markets with tokens
    Provide a faucet (for those tokens) that anyone can use to get and trade on the testnet DEX
    Provide a GUI for testnet DEX
    Run cranks on testnet DEX
A grant is included for this project.

Introduce Streaming for Data from Solana Blockchain

It would be valuable to build a way to switch the Solana information model from polling to streaming to facilitate development of novel and more complex hybrid apps on Solana.
Regarding data feeds, the only current way to extract data from the blockchain right now is to poll a validator / RPC node. This is related to one of Serum's biggest problems: orderbook introspection and being notified as a maker when an order is matched. Implementing something akin to this would involve adding some functionality to the validator codebase.
In terms of architecture, the way a Solana validator currently works is by using a rocksdb instance for fast storage of state, and periodically committing transaction history to a Google BigTable instance. The idea for implementing this is to add some code to the rocksdb interface in order to intercept all calls to the database and stream out this information. A secondary server can then be used to process / filter / analyze / distribute this information as websocket streams. The implications of being able to do this are substantial.
A grant is included for this project.

💡 Project Requests and Grants:

AMMs that share liquidity with Serum

Building an open source AMM that people can use to place liquidity on Serum’s order book. See Raydium, and Atrix.
There are lots of variants and customizability but here are some ideas:
    AMMs that trade on Serum’s markets
    AMMs with more than two components
    AMMs with easy to customize curves
If you build it to the below specs, it will receive a predetermined bounty instead of the variable one.
    Parameters must be reasonable
    Must be functional
    Must have pool tokens
    Must be open source
    Must be able to launch new AMMs with arbitrary SPL tokens
Note: A draft of an implementation of AMMs on Solana can be found on the GitHub account of Solana Labs.

App Store

Create a Serum app store that would allow people to navigate to all common Serum apps from a single page. This way everyone would be exposed to everything:, Bonfida, Coin98, various AMM apps, wallets, etc.


Building a basic borrow lending protocol where rates are determined by market participants using Serum’s order book rather than algorithmically.

GUI Improvements

Below is a list of GUI improvements that could be developed:
    A tool to validate GUIs against the source code
    Build support for on-chain triggered orders (stop losses, take profits) into Serum.
See Project Serum GitHub account for the source of and the DEX GUI

Indexing Protocol for Serum

Building infrastructure for accessing data on Solana for use in Serum specific analytics tools. E.g. Skew but for Serum.

Instant Messaging App on Solana

Fully on-chain encrypted chat app, directly integrated to Serum DEX GUI.

Messaging Application

Build an instant messaging app on Solana with the following:
    The app would pass encrypted messages over the network
    The app would be fully on-chain
    Build a GUI for people to chat with each other
    The app could be directly integrated to Serum DEX GUI

Native Metamask Integration

Native MetaMask integration for Solana, SRM and SPL tokens. See this introduction to Web3 Plugins for more details

Security Audits

Security audits of the following repositories:

Serum Oracle

An on-chain oracle that takes prices from Serum markets, does sophisticated risk and sanity checks on them, and creates a clean price feed that other projects working on Serum can use.
Furthermore, once there are on-chain cross-chain bridges, those can be combined with this to create a fully on-chain cross-chain pricing oracle. Confer with Pyth network.
    Takes in arbitrary signals
      Can take from multiple sources
      Combines in a reasonable way
    Has reasonable error handling and outlier handling
    Writes on-chain
    Some way to charge people for querying it on-chain
    A built-in way to use Serum orderbooks as an oracle

SPL Name Service

Create a table where the mint of a token can submit a name for their token; create a table where a token controls governance of the naming. If you create this, EcoSerum will support the token’s adoption.


Note: This is submitted on behalf of EcoSerum, a Serum node. Serum Academy is involved in the development of Serum but has not been involved in the development of Sushi in any way.
    The Sushi community builds out support for Sushiswap on Solana
    Sushi rewards are paid to both Ethereum and Solana/Serum based Sushiswap
      Proportional to the TLV in each
      Or alternately fixed to each pool
      Open to other suggestions as well–what’s fair?
    The Sushi community composes this with the Serum orderbooks
      Each Sushi pool has a curve, currently constant-product
      The pool sends bids/offers into the associated Serum orderbook to simulate that curve
      This allows the Sushi AMM to share liquidity and volume with the orderbook
      There are maker rebates on Serum orderbooks that the AMMs would capture; they can also add on their own fees
    FTX has a bridge from ERC20 <> SPL (Solana token) Sushi; in the next week, will as well
    Sushi will also be able to compose with a borrow/lending protocol on Serum to allow the pools to trade on margin, though that’s not necessary for V1
    To clarify: Sushi would not be moving off of Ethereum in any way; this would be an addition, not a replacement.

Solana RPC Node Innovation

    Upgrades that scale throughput and consistency for RPC nodes on the Solana network.
    Protocols that manage decentralised RPC services for Solana built applications.
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