Developer Resources & Ideas

This guide lists out Serum's developer resources and contact points.


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Project Ideas

Curated (unofficial) list of popularly requested project ideas.

Client Code

On-chain Code


Framework for Solana's Sealevel runtime providing several convenient developer tools.

Starter Repo

Serum quick start repo to setup a local on-chain integration:

  • For those who want to build programs that compose with the DEX

  • Contains boilerplates for setting up a populated Serum market for local development

Swap Program

  • An educational resource and starting point for people who want to write Solana programs to compose with Serum DEX

  • Example on-chain program interacting with the DEX

  • The Swap Program here is not an AMM: it is built directly on the Serum orderbook.

SOL Wallet Adapter

Library to allow Solana dApps to user third party wallets to sign transactions:

Host a GUI


Those interested in building on the Serum ecosystem may be interested in these points of contact:


Project Serum