Building Tips
This guide offers a number of tips and specialized resources for builders.

📖 Suggestions for Building on Serum

Developer Resources

For developer resources on Serum and Solana:

RPC Servers

For a default list of RPC servers to use:
    Others may be less reliable

Serum Market Data

If you want to consume Serum market data, you have the following options:

Mainnet, Devnet, Testnet

Developers are recommended to have (by default) both a mainnet and devnet/testnet version with a toggle to test the protocol on both, as there may be differences in performance that are useful to be able to test:
It is useful to have a devnet or testnet version, and also a mainnet version for full testing

Authenticating Transactions

If you need to authenticate transactions, the recommended course of action is to use the SPL wallet adapter, which is what e.g. users to connect to DEXes.
Note: you can build in auto-accepting as an option! uses this with
Users will be prompted to click: “Automatically approve transactions from
If they do, then for that session:
    As long as the URL is the same
    As long as the transaction contents match the expected contents (e.g. a DEX order)
It will not require clicking "accept".
If you want your program to be auto-accepted, submit a PR (pull request) that adds it!
    Bonfida and others also sometimes connect.
Developers are recommended to use the same conventions as e.g. for the seed phrase and private key.


Consider composing with existing apps:

Fees Going to SRM Governance

For fees going to SRM governance, you can assign to this address if you want

Adding your Projects to Our Pages

Spreading word of what you built should not be downplayed.
Make a pull request on this Documentation website's Built on Serum page and other relevant pages when your product is ready for users.


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