Serum Swap

This guide offers a comprehensive summary on Serum Swap, an automated market maker on Serum. is being deprecated

After considerable discussion with liquidity providers, code maintainers, and users it was determined that alternatives provide suitable product functionality and the high maintenance overhead was no longer justified.

The swap and add liquidity functionalities on have been disabled, but withdrawing liquidity from existing pools remains enabled and will continue to be so indefinitely.

Read more in the following Twitter threads here and here.

Serum DEX's operations remain unchanged. Serum Swap was an adjacent function that was built for others to use. It was never a core component of Serum. Swap alternatives built on Serum include Orca and Raydium.

What is Serum Swap?

Serum Swap is a new AMM on Serum. Like typical AMMs, you can join the pools as a liquidity provider or trade against them. The curve is the standard x*y=k curve. Serum Swap is fully on-chain and non-custodial.

You can access Serum Swap at or

Solana-based AMMs are fast. Serum Swap takes about 1 second to settle a trade or pool addition/removal, and gas fees are tiny—roughly $0.00002 per trade.

You can connect to Serum Swap using Solana wallets such as, SolFlare, Ledger, Math Wallet, and Phantom.

Please beware of possible slippage costs before making a trade! The estimated swap value in the second box will indicate the outcome of your trade!

Serum Swap screenshot

You can find the source code on Github.

What are the fees?

Takers are charged 0.30%. Of that:

  • 0.25% goes to the liquidity providers (LPs).

  • 0.04% goes to a SRM buy/burn.

  • 0.01% goes to the GUI hoster; you can set this in the GUI source code.

The 25bp fees are tokens left in the pool

The 4bp and 1bp fees are transfers of LP tokens

How do you Host a Serum Swap GUI?

Serum Swap is not the only Serum AMM. Other projects include:


While Serum Swap has been tested, it has not been audited. Use at your own risk.

Furthermore, the GUI you use might not always give clear reasons for error messages. When in doubt, check your max slippage.

Serum Swap has not been audited. Use at your own risk.

Serum Swap has a 2mm SRM insurance fund.